Samstag, 28. Dezember 2013

Online Special: Sky Radebe | Unpublished Book

Radio Not | Skyto Poetry Movement
| 15*/14 | Sky Radebe | Unpublished Book

Accompanying words by Sky Radebe:
I was on a quest to write a book and decided to let a dream remain just that... just a dream! I left the country in the year 2008 and when I came back I decide that because I didn’t have enough content for the book let me take all the written work I have and put into one poem. It was hard work yet it was a lesson that if you let your dreams fade it will be hard to make something off them at a later stage. This poem has been critic a lot but people saying “it is too much to decipher at once” some say “my laziness paid off”. But if the lyrics had something to do – they labelled me as punch line artist although I would like to definer. My favourite part of the poem will forever be “Robert Mogube who is cutting the breadline before people have finished buttering there breads”

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