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The 2010 Soccer World Cup will leave behind a legacy of a South Africa and a continent of Africa that is united and confident "about who we are and what we want to become". So they said but that was focused on the soccer and not on poetry - so I went out to change that.
Blaze Glyphics Kaffirman Mpumi
In 2010 I self-released my own poetic Album titled Radio-not. I worked with artist near and far, to mention a few: German writer and amazing performer Norbert Herrmann, Orange Farm based Xman, Stax, Hieroglyphics, Kaffirman, Blaze and Venom. I wanted to can the face of poetry and I believe I have - although some people might not yet see that. Learning a language is like constructing a building. Step by step, as the building blocks are cemented together, it gains height. Similarly, the building blocks of language (grammar, prose, poetry) gradually develop a person’s level of proficiency in it. It is very unfortunate though that poetry is the material, which is not used adequately while raising the structure of language in our schools.
Stax No Bird Venom Xman
While people were kicking balls and blowing Vuvuzelas we were in studio cooking up this fantastic album. The production is raw because of the name itself it was never intended to be played on radio however I am not upset with radio play the project has received. For the first time this wasn’t a mixtape nor EP like most artists are busily creating but an album and happy that money people have enjoyed it and now you can too online.
Poetry lessons are more lively and engaging than any other lesson of language learning. Poetry-reading lessons can easily lead to poetry writing; reading and singing other’s poems facilitate children in writing their own poems. They love to play with language as soon as they are encouraged. Pray that you enjoy this to a point you would want to experience it live (seeing me on stage performing)
SkyAsante (Thank you),
Sky Radebe

Special Thanks:

I am still humbled by the awesome work that Black Robot contributed on my album. They help out with design my logo as a brand and thanks to them they created the awesome album cover. Black Robot advertising agency and brand development studio is a creative empire for companies and individuals who reject convention and employ innovation. The project was headed by Milan Naran as production manager backed by Aurum.maia Entertainment. El Diego from Untamble Entertainment was amazing with post-production of Radio-not making sure that people got hard copy disc of the product he even offered me studio time, producers Venom and Levi. I worked on most of the beats but without time and hard work put in by Dj Papi the production wouldn’t have even taken off. A million tanks to Lovelife magazine Uncut for the adverting. Greats thank you to Zenadia Martin, Joseph Moloko and Dianne Regisford-Guèye for all the promotions.

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