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Sky Radebe is young highly motivated South African poet. He has been waiting for his big Break which seems to be taking too long to come through…. He has been patient in his wait.
However he didn’t fold his arms and pray that something will happen. In the year 2006 he decided on volunteering by join the South Africa’s biggest HIV prevention organization loveLife which granted him the opportunity to be one of the young people who welcomed and hosted President of Liberia the Iron Lady Madam President Sir Leaf Johnson in 2008 when she came to South Africa to receive her Mandela award. Madam Sir Leaf Johnson wasn’t the only person that he was blessed to host that year, he also go the privilege to host the Bill Gate Foundation and the Kaiser Family Foundation at the loveLife Y-Centre that he was volunteering at.
In that very same year he was the South African representative on Imagine Afrika season 2, which was a television program and where a group of 12 young powerful young leaders had tasks and had to come up with solutions that are going to put Africa one step ahead to being an HIV free generation. This young man was blessed to be part of the winning team and looking back he constantly smiles when remembering that during that program he got an opportunity to record a pan African song with East Africa’s nyota ndogo. 2008 was a year of blessing and year 2009 came with more…
Sky got employed by loveLife, with the work he did at loveLife he interviewed 2008 SAMA winners Gang of Instrumentals, the amazing American young Hip-hop/RnB star Bow Wow for a youth magazine called Uncut. He attended an investigative journalism and youth development management trainings for skills development.
In 2010 he self released his own poetic Album titled Radio-not - which is available for online listening right here - and is currently (2013) working on another project called “Anyone 4seconds?” this young poet claims that he would like to live his dream which is performing on the Def Jam Poetry stage.
Sky Radebe in the loveLife Mag Issue 82 (klick to enlarge)

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