Samstag, 26. Oktober 2013

Sky Radebe | Standards

Radio Not | Skyto Poetry Movement
| 06/14 | Sky Radebe | Standards
commentary word by Sky Radebe:
After years of doing one thing one would question if the journey is worth it or not? This poem was to get greater understanding of the standards set by society about the spoken word and just brief sharings of what happened in my travel to where I am now.

Samstag, 19. Oktober 2013

Stax AKA Tshepang Mabe | Fainted Heart

Radio Not | Skyto Poetry Movement
| 05/14 | Stax AKA Tshepang Mabe | Fainted Heart

Commentary words by Sky Radebe:
This poem was inspired by heartbreak. Heartbreak is usually associated with losing a family member or spouse, though losing a parent, child, pet, lover or close friend can all "break one's heart" and it is frequently experienced during grief and bereavement. The phrase refers to the physical pain one may feel in the chest as a result of the loss, although it also by extension includes the emotional trauma of loss even where it is not experienced as somatic pain. Although "heartbreak" ordinarily does not imply any physical defect in the heart it is what carried this poem. This was meant to be a duet like Familiar Stanger and Hard Times however did have the balls to record my part I guess Stax did a good job and I would have messed things up if I did. Dankie Stax!

Samstag, 12. Oktober 2013

Sky Radebe | Oh Shit & Sky High

Radio Not | Skyto Poetry Movement
| 04/14 | Sky Radebe | Oh Shit & Sky High
commentary words on Oh Shit by Sky Radebe:
There is no such thing as a life without any regrets. However, regrets can become either burdens that interfere with your present happiness and restrict your future, or motivation to move forward. I have a lot that I wish I hadn’t done and after discussions with friends we come with a long list of Oh-Shit moments and I took three and put them in a poem. I hope you will enjoy it...
commentary words on Sky High by Sky Radebe:
Humble by brothers how gave tribute to all the work I have done when it comes to spoken word. I guess it’s true that poetry and hip-hop will forever be one. Untamble artists Blaze and Venom helped me record a hip-hop track that isn’t numbered or labelled in the first release of the album called Sky High. Just to thank the industry and share with you what we experienced in the process of recording this project. I am not the best rapper however tried my best hope you enjoy it. Please don’t skip Oh shit listen to and after a small gap the track will be an add-on for you. Dankie Vaal Sky High